There are a number of different profiles that we can vulcanise onto your belt to meet your requirements. 

We can mix and match the following to suit your particular requirements. For any further information on what’s possible don’t hesitate to contact us.


  • Cleats

    Inclined conveyors may sometimes require a belt with cleats on the carrying surface. This application is often used in circumstances to prevent slippage of the conveyed material or goods and increases the belts overall capacity.


    There are many different types and heights of cleats. F & D O’Connor Pty Ltd assess the application for each particular job based upon both the characteristics of the conveyed goods or material and the incline of the conveyor.

  • Flexible wave wall

    F & D O’Connor Pty Ltd offers flexible polyurethane wave wall. Wave wall has a high resistance to wear and abrasion. Wave walls effectively serve the purpose of retaining materials and goods on the conveyor belt, in particular fluid like substances. Wave wall is able to be applied to both PVC belting or Polyurethane.

  • Tracking ribs

    Tracking ribs are used on Conveyor Belts to aid in the tracking of the belt. They can be fixed either to the to, bottom or middle of the belt. For more information on Tracking Ribs please see the PDF download.