• Attachments/Cleating

    There are a number of different profiles that we can vulcanise onto your belt to meet your requirements. 

    We can mix and match the following to suit your particular requirements. For any further information on what’s possible don’t hesitate to contact us.


  • Belting Equipment

    We can supply you with different belting tools you may require including:

    • Flat belt press
    • Quick melt joining kit
    • Poly-cord joining tool
    • Finger tape
    • Belting film
    • Splicing instructions


    For further information on these and other Belting Equipment we can supply please contact our Sales Department.

  • Brammer Belting

    F & D O’Connor Pty Ltd are the manufacturer of Brammer Belting, an adjustable Vee-Belting System.

    Brammer Belting works as a system of links that can be joined and un-joined. This is a large advantage over traditional Vee-Belts. Brammer belt comes in 3 sizes A B and C. For more information please contact our Sales Department.
    We also stock a range of Vee Flex belting in M, A, B, and C sections. 
    Vee Flex belting is a Vee-Belt section that has the ability to be joined using metal clips.

  • Daclon Belts

  • Fasteners

    We carry an extensive range of fasteners, both in stainless steel and carbon steel. Depending on your application we have different fastener options available to you.

  • Polyurethane Extrusions - FUSIT

    At F & D O'Connor Pty Ltd we carry a large range of Polyurethane Extrusions. Our selection includes Solid Green Cord, Solid Clear Cord, Red Hollow Cord, M, A and B Section Urethane Drive Sections.  These can be purchased either in open length or as joined rings. Fasteners are available.

    We also stock the Urethane Joining Tool Kit to join the Solid Urethane Extrusions. This kit includes a clamp and a non stick iron.
    For further information on any of these products please see the downloadable brochure below or contact our Sales Department.

  • Power Transmission Products

    We have a large range of power transmission products including:

    • Chain
    • Nu-T-Link/Super Nu-T-Link and

    • Variable Speed Belts

  • Precision Roller Chains

  • Rubber and Foam

    We carry a range of rubber and foam this can be supplied in cut pieces or in standard sheet sizes.

    • Closed and open cell sponge
    • Gum rubber
    • Rubber matting
    • Silicon rubber
    • Lining rubber