Special Surfaces

The belts named under this heading have special surfaces which are able to be applied in difficult applications.  For the particular characteristics of each individual belt please see the Conveyor Belt Datasheet by clicking on the picture of the belt below.  All these belts are Food Grade.  For any further information please contact our Sales Department.

  • 2TCE

    Thickness 1.6mm
    Min Pulley diameter 40mm
    Min back flex 60
    Surface Feature: Grip Top

  • CNB-6EB

    Thickness 1.5mm
    Min Pulley diameter 15mm
    Min back flex 20mm
    Surface Feature: Smooth non-adhesive


    2 Ply
    Thickness 0.95mm
    Min Pulley diameter 15mm
    Minimum back flex 25
    Surface Feature: Silicone


    1 Ply
    Thickness 0.7mm
    Min Pulley diameter 6mm
    Minimum back flex 10mm
    Surface Feature: Silicone


    2 Ply
    Thickness 1.6mm
    Min Pulley diameter 25mm
    Minimum back flex 35mm
    Surface Feature: Silicone